Rules Reprise: Regelklarstellungen

Mit diesen offiziellen Artikeln von LSS werden zahlreiche Regelfragen beantwortet und Klarstellungen zu Regeln und Karten gegeben. Die Artikel gehören jedoch nicht zum Regelwerk und sind durch spätere Regeländerungen mittlerweile ggf. nicht mehr korrekt. Dies gilt insbesondere für Artikel vor der Veröffentlichung der Comprehensive Rules 2.0 im Mai 2022.

Rules Reprise #11: Outsiders Prevention (among other things) (2023-03-15)
Brush Off, Malign, Murkmire Grapnel, Vambrace of Determination, Hurl, Flick Knives, Back Heel Kick, Amplifying Arrow, Give and Take

Rules Reprise #10: Outsiders Heroes and Tokens (2023-03-07)
Change hero in limited, Uzuri, Riptide, Benji, Weapons from inventory, order end-of-turn triggers: Ponder, Bloodrot Pox, Frailty, Inertia

Rules Reprise #8: Uprising, Pt. 2 (2022-06-25)
Conduit of Frostburn and Icebind; Phoenix Flame; Quell and Forst Hex; Sand Sketched Plan and Channel the Bleak Expanse; Phantasm and Fyendal’s Fighting Spirit

Rules Reprise #7: Uprising (2022-06-22)
Invocation; Quell; Draconic chain links; Ally; Sand Cover; Ash; Drafting double-faced cards

Back Alley Oracle #3: CR2.0 Officially Released (2022-05-14)
Spectral Shield destroyed during combat; Energy Potion; “When this enters the arena”; Shiyana and supertypes; Azalea stack cards in arsenal zone; Mentors

Back Alley Oracle #2: Korshem Edition (2022-03-07)

Back Alley Oracle #1: Comprehensive Rules 2.0 Update (2022-02-28)
Snag and Chokeslam; Flicker Wisp, Blazing Aether, Scour and Crucible of Aetherweave; Trigger when the combat chain closes; Find Center; Frost Lock and Lead the Charge and X cost cards; Flic Flak; Glint vs Reckless Swing/Steelblade Shunt; Ironsong Response and Rout; Stamp Authority

Quick Questions: Everfest Rules Reprise (2022-02-14)
Fractal Replication; Spectral Shields vs Swarming Gloomveil; Skull Crushers, Ready to Roll and Gambler’s Gloves; Helm of Sharp Eye

Quick Questions: Tales of Aria Rules Reprise Part III (2021-10-18)
Pitch for Oldhim’s ability and Winter’s Wail; Oldhim’s ability and Command and Conquer; Ball Lightning and Light it Up; Chains of Eminence; Spectra and Spellbound Creepers; Dawnblade and defending with same equipment

Quick Questions: Tales of Aria Rules Reprise Part II (2021-10-11)
Frostbite; Pulse of Volthaven; Vela Flash; Thump and Pummel

Quick Questions: Tales of Aria Rules Reprise (2021-10-07)
Dealing damage and attack hitting; Replacement and prevention effects; „if“ syntax

More Quick Questions: Road to Nationals Rules Reprise (2021-07-27)
Pass priority with left action points; Missed triggers; Hit effects vs Ally; Go again and Spectra; Stamp Authority; Priority diagram

Quick Questions: Road to Nationals Rules Reprise (2021-07-21)
Merciful Retribution; Spectra; Arcane Barrier; Snag

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